Cummins ready for Poms after run-up tweak

A simple tweak in his run-up has Pat Cummins bowling as fast as ever and ready to terrorise England’s batsmen in their five-match one-day series.


Cummins has struggled with injury in the past five years, but he insists it isn’t just a clean bill of health that has him reaching express pace speeds in excess of 150km/h.

It sounds simple, but the 22-year-old is seeing results after starting to measure out his run-up for the first time.

“I’ve started measuring it for once – I used to step it out,” Cummins said.

“Some games, from one end it’d be a metre in front of someone and down the other end it would be a metre behind.

“Now I’ve got the ruler and measuring tape out it’s a bit more consistent.

“I’m trying to get as many things consistent (as possible), so hopefully by the time I release the ball I don’t have to worry about all those things that came before and it’s pretty similar every ball.”

The tearaway quick looked back to his best in Australia’s five-run Twenty20 loss to England on Monday, bowling with searing pace as he knocked over both openers in his first over.

Cummins was regularly hitting the 150km/h mark and England’s Alex Hales looked all at sea when trying to handle the pace – before being bowled from a full toss.

“When you’re feeling quick and the ball is coming out quick it’s certainly tough for batsmen starting … especially in Twenty20,” Cummins said.

“In the first couple of overs if you can bowl quick and make it hard for them to get off to good starts the better (it serves the team).

“I just try and bowl quick.”

Cummins, meanwhile, heaped praise on the world’s No.1-ranked ODI bowler Mitchell Starc for the qualities he brings as the leader of Australia’s fast-bowling crew.

Despite being just 25, Starc is a font of wisdom according to Cummins, who is all ears when the left-arm quick dispenses advice.

“I guess when you’re the No.1 bowler in the world you automatically become a leader and someone that people try and speak to,” Cummins said.

“He’s great. He’s played quite a bit of cricket now, so he’s someone good to talk to.

“His yorkers are probably one of the best in the world, so I talk to him a little bit about that.”

Australia face England in game one of the ODI series in Southampton on Thursday.